Did u know about “Ice Hotel Sweden”??

Entrance ICEHOTEL 365

A hotel and art exhibition made of ice from the river Torne, each year reincarnated in a brand new design. A place to discover silence, northern lights, glistening snow clad forests, reindeer, cloudberries, kettle coffee and much more.


About Ice Hotels

Ice hotel is the world’s first hotel made of ice and snow. Founded in 1989, it is reborn in a new guise every winter, in the Swedish village of Jukkasjärvi – 200 km north of the Arctic Circle. The Torne River, the arts, and creating a setting for life-enriching moments are at the heart of it all.


How did Ice Hotels start?

In 1989.There’s an ice and snow sculpture art course ln the village of Jukkasjärvi.A snow house has been built as the art course venue.But there’s sudden shortage of accommodation.What to do?Easy.Stick them in the snow house with the frozen art,of course:give them sleeping bags;survivalist advice;tips on toilet trip management on ice;and a sauna in the morning to burn off the frostbite..And the ICEHOTEL was born.❄️😀İce hotels are built every year and each year between December and April,ice hotel is open.Even if the temperature is constant at -5’C,you can dive into warm sleep in the hotel thanks to the polar sleeping bags which are resistant to -35’C❄️

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Hearts beat for art

When the first snow has sprinkled the whole of Jukkasjärvi with white, artists from all over the world come together in the village to take part in creating the art exhibition of snow, ice and light that makes up Icehotel.

Icehotel Sweden

“Icehotel is an art symposium in a class of its own. The energy released here when creative people from a wide variety of backgrounds and places meet the ice is almost tangible,” says Arne Bergh, partner and sculptor who’s been part of Icehotel since the start.

Icehotel is all about ice and creativity – with art as the result. That’s why the artists invited to take part are not required to have worked with ice before – they’re selected from among those who send in their ideas based on originality and creating it in real natural ice would pose a new challenge. Each year some 40 artists are taking part in Icehotel. The notion that several weeks’ hard work and months of planning and preparation culminate in something that only exists for a few months is in some respects a bittersweet feeling.


The making of Ice Hotel

When the cold arrives to the Arctic, the river also slows down and the landscape changes shape. This marks a period of intense activity on the shore in Jukkasjärvi – Icehotel is being reborn. “We see nature as our friend – we want to work with it rather than in spite of it. Sure, that means you can’t plan everything in detail, but at the same time that’s probably what makes it so much fun,” says Niklas Nyberg, who works in the construction team. Huge blocks of ice, weighing two tons apiece, were harvested from the river late the previous winter and have been stored in anticipation of the start of building. The drawings have been ready since May. At the end of November artists from all over the world come to Jukkasjärvi to be a part of Icehotel and turn their ideas into reality.

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Arctic Weddings


Ice glasses

Ice glasses are a high-impact product that always get people talking. They can be used for two or three drinks.

Measurements (cm)
Glass: Length: 6.5 Width: 6.5 Height: 9.7
Box: Length: 36 Width: 36 Height: 20
Pallet: Length: 120 Width: 80 Height: 176

Per glass: 0.3 kgs
Box: approx. 16 kgs
Pallet: approx. 760 kgs


Did you know…

The name Jukkasjärvi comes from a Sami word that roughly translates as “meeting place by the water”, as the village was historically an important marketplace. At Icehotel, too, meetings take center stage – the meetings between Jukkasjärvi residents and visitors, between different cultures, between people and nature, and between ice and creativity.


Post Credits: www.icehotel.com 
Special Thanks To: Rebellionz Media LLP / FB 

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