How To Have Tinder Dating Success

Ready to try Tinder dating? Whether you are looking for a long-term relationship or a casual fling, hereare the simple steps you need to know to find success with Tinder:

1. Choose The Right Photo2

With any online dating site, the choice of photo is really important.   Since you don’t have any witty tag line or extensive profile to back you up, the profile picture is especially important with Tinder dating. Make your main photo one of just you.

Women: If you aren’t looking for casual flings, then avoid any bikini shots.


Men: don’t put pictures of you flexing in front of the mirror. It will just make you look like an idiot and women will ridicule you.

2. Know What Your Deal Breakers Are

Before you start chatting with matches, it is good to make a list (or at least have a clear idea) of what your deal breakers are so you don’t waste time with morons.



3. Making Contact3

Even if you are just looking for a quick fling, it is never okay to lead with something like “hey sexy.” If you have a flair for words and are good at text flirting, you might try making some witty comment about his/her photo. But remember that it is easy for messages to get misconstrued over chat! If you are really unsure what to write, just stick to the bland basics, like “Hi. How is your day going?” Or, as Maggie Lamaack says of Tinder first contacts, “Try to keep introductions similar to how one would execute them in real life… If a match leads with interests or asks about what I do for a living, and we find common ground on those areas, I have no problem going to meet him for a drink.”

Bottom line: If you wouldn’t say it to a woman in real life, don’t say it to her on Tinder! Read this article if you still aren’t sure what to say when you meet a woman.


4. Research The Person

If the initial phase of contact is going well, then do some additional research on the person. This is pretty easy to do as a lot of people don’t have the privacy settings on the Facebook profile turned on, or you may have a mutual friend through whom you can view their profile. This will give you a good idea of whether that person is a freak or creep you need to avoid!5.jpg


5. Act Quickly

Attractive Tinder users can get dozens of messages per day. If you don’t send a message and follow up compulsively, your profile will probably just get buried under all these other matches. So, if you actually want to go out on a real live date with someone from Tinder, then you’ve got to act quickly.   Turn on the push notifications. Start chatting via a third-party app such as Snap Chat. Once you’ve determined that you want to date that person, set up a date for that week.



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