Is your Bestie getting married??Here are the things which you might experience!

 When you have a “Bride to be” Bestie

It’s hard!!Life without Bff is like a food without salt and spices…Yes, it’s very hard to let go off your wing, your olive to Popeye, your bachelor-mate!!!yes!!!!

Your best friend is getting married!

  1. Celebrate

It calls for a celebration when your bestie is getting hooked! And you feel ecstatic about rituals, shopping and the planning starts from there.


  1. Plan for her bachelorette party

What could be better than making your bestie’s last night as a bachelorette an extremely cheerful and crazy filled with a lot of madness and convey her importance and put a smile on her face!


  1. Decide what to wear

Everything stops around when you have to decide what to wear and when to wear on your best friend’s big day! And make your own way to look the best!


4.Hook up’s with strangers

Passing a smile to a stranger in your bestie’s wedding and trying to hook up and have some fun to make your best friend’s wedding more exciting and happening.



Being happy for your bestie being knotted and on the other hand to lead life without your bestie like before is more painful.

5.Mood swings

 Spending time with her PARTNER  might be your best friend’s top priority now,which will cut down the “we” time and  will trigger your mood and make you feel alone and not the same anymore!!


  1. Getting her fiancé along

Your bestie suddenly gets into more couple activities and bring her fiancé every place we go and all the fun stuff you used to do with your bestie, now you are supposed to involve her fiancé in it and try getting along with your friend’s spouse.


7.Priorities change

After your best friend gets married, it’s all about family time and visiting relatives and things like that.You cannot even think about calling them inappropriate at odd hours just to talk!!They need to check in with their spouses before everything!


  1. Loneliness

They are too busy to make Plans with you , Although you know that your best friend is still the ‘2 AM friend’ you always loved, you will still find yourself thinking hundred times before calling her in the middle of the night , you will have to shop alone, stalk hot guys alone and everything changes around you.



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