Are you a chinese lover?Then you must explore this place in Bengaluru for a wonderful experience of chinese food in India

The Lantern, a place for Chinese lovers, where it leaded us to the path of Chinese flavors and the aroma which trickled down our jaw. A Singapore designed dining is unique and exclusive in serving delightful Dim –sums which were in colorful dumplings. The pleasant sound of the waterfall hauled us towards peace over the Bengaluru’s traffic, the restaurants soft music and the decanters around the seating gave it a pleasing ambience. The three storey dining had its own domain and declaring the table as a safe zone and a place of warmth and nourishment.

The staff being at their best with us and sharing a lot about The Lantern and the Chinese new year  festival  which is been celebrated every year.

In 2017, The Lantern had a Chinese New Year festival which went on for 7days where especially roosters were included in the menu and chiefs were invited from china to share their views and experience.


The’ hot house of dim sums which left us drooling and eager to grab them. The vegetables and chives and corn and asparagus dim-sums were yummy to taste.


The lung fung soup which was served tasted spicy and enjoyable as the way we desired to start our lunch.


The Vegetable Chung–Fung was served in a sizzler plate with a sauce which was sweet and sour was poured on which had a crispy layer inside and a smooth layer covered on it.


And then we were served with The Lantern special rice with a vegetable gravy whichis moderate in taste but stomach filling.

The lantern has a special buffet concept which is dim-sum lunch from Monday to Friday and Big fat Chinese buffet on Saturdays with unlimited food.


Last but not the least as the name of the dinning says they surprise you with lanterns on special occasions and make your day even more memorable.

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