Things done in Pyjama parties

Why should boys have all the fun??? when there are parties like pyjama parties especially for girlfriends.

Pyjama parties are the perfect time to spend some fun moments with pretty girlfriends in pretty pyjamas !!!

Here are the things done in pyjama parties!

  1. Slumber party:


Slumber parties are social gathering usually attended by girls who are dressed in pyjamas and stay the night at the house where the party is held and pass there night by eating, talking and having some fun.


  1. Drink and dance


No party is complete without some drinks and going high on it and shaking their booties, stepping to the beats  and enjoying the loud music.

  1. Prank calls


Girls are the craziest soul in the world, they make mischievous telephone calls to trick someone and make a mess on to their heads and be entertained .

  1. Pillow fight:


You can’t have a relationship without a fight but you can make your relationship worth  through a pillow fight and escort the kid in you.

  1. Gossip

throw-perfect-sleepover-20-3-14-copy Where there are girls there are gossips!!! They engage themselves in conversation about others life and spread rumors to other girls who are curious to know about others life.

  1. Glam time


Girls get glammed up by  treating each other , they paint nails, experiment with new hairstyles, put a pack on to look glamorous because it is too glam to give a damn!

  1. Night carving


After a lot of dance and drama….it calls for food. Girls bring out the art of cooking!! They share food, snatch food and eat a lot of junk and get fat…

  1. Watch a movie 


         Spending time watching horror, romantic or comic type of movie with your girlfriends and making fun of each and every scene is the most carefree time.

  1. Dirty talks


Pyjama parties have a lot of secretive talks…ssshhhhhh!!!Having a dirty mind makes ordinary conversation much more interesting .

  1. Clicking pictures


A party doesn’t end without clicking insane pictures and holding back the memories and cherishing it all their lives.

Life is better in pyjamas!!pyjama all day!!

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Special Thanks To: Rebellionz Media LLP / FB




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